How and Why to Implement Emergency Manuals

A 10 minute video introducing emergency checklists can be included in a conference presentation or used as part of a small group discussion

OR Emergency with OR Crisis Checklist

Demonstrations of severe bradycardia managed with crisis checklist

What an OR Emergency Can Sometimes Look Like – No Checklist

Demonstrations of severe bradycardia managed without crisis checklist

Trigger Video of Simulated Intraoperative Cardiac Arrest | Instructor discussion guide

Shows Crisis Resource Management teamwork behaviors, including use of PEA cognitive aid


Cognitive Aids to Improve OR Crisis Management

A Powerpoint presentation covering the rationale, evidence and FAQs on emergency checklist use

Workshop on Implementing Emergency Manuals

An informative newsletter article summarizing an emergency manual implementation workshop (Feb 2016)

2018 ASA Annual Meeting EM Implementation Seminar Participant Workbook

Workbook for 2018 ASA Annual Meeting workshop on implementing emergency manuals in your institution (Oct 2018)


Simulation Apps – Review

Review of iOS apps available for simulation use

Specific vital sign and medical monitor apps:

Dart Sim
Sim Monitor
iSimulate ALSI


Arriaga OR emergency simulation trial

In 2013, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study demonstrating that in a high-fidelity simulation study, checklist use was associated with significant improvement in the management of operating-room crises.

Use of Cognitive Aids in a Simulated Anesthetic Crisis

Article in Anesthesia & Analgesia by Harrison, T Kyle MD; Manser, Tanja PhD; Howard, Steven K. MD; Gaba, David M. MD

ASRA checklist improves trainee performance during a simulated episode of local anesthetic systemic toxicity

Article on showing Neal checklist improves management of simulated local anesthetic toxicity

The Role of Debriefing in Simulation-Based Learning

Fanning RM, Gaba DM. Simulation in Healthcare. 2007 Jul 1;2(2):115-25.

There’s no such thing as “nonjudgmental” debriefing: a theory and method for debriefing with good judgment.

Rudolph JW, Simon R, Dufresne RL, Raemer DB. Simulation in Healthcare. 2006 Apr 1;1(1):49-55.

“The Debriefing: How to make it count”

Lessons from an implementation of the WHO Safe Surgery Checklist. See the crisis event debriefs at the end of each surgical case


Checklist Design Template

A template for reproducing the look and feel of the Ariadne Labs Crisis Checklists.

Checklist for Checklists

A summary of the key design principles used in creating emergency checklists

Perspectives in quality: designing the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist

An overview and application of lessons learned from the aviation experience in checklist development to the development of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist.

Shopping List for Checklist production

Estimates of cost of various options for production of manuals and specifications of supplies/materials for in-house production.

Important telephone numbers template

Easily modify the important telephone numbers on your manuals using this template shared by the Stanford Emergency Manual group


Using Cognitive Aids in Anesthesiology

The American Society of Anesthesiologists offers an on-line (MOCA CME) tutorial addressing the use and implementation of emergency checklists

SIM Center Directory

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare posts a list of centers worldwide

Endorsed Simulation Centers

The centers recognized for American Board of Anesthesiology simulation training

Ingredients for In Situ Drills

Step-by-step in situ training materials including instructor guides, crisis scenarios, equipment lists, discussion guides

PEARLS Healthcare Debriefing Tool

PEARLS offers a structured framework adaptable for debriefing simulations with a variety in goals, including clinical decision making, improving technical skills, teamwork training, and interprofessional collaboration.