Spread Beyond the Operating Room

Successful implementation of emergency checklists in the operating room can have far-reaching impact in your institution. And you can play a pivotal role.

Share this approach with colleagues beyond the OR

Most of the characteristics of surgical and anesthetic care that underlie the rationale for OR emergency Checklists also exist in other high-acuity settings and disciplines.

High-risk, rare, stressful, and complex critical events occur in intensive care, labor & delivery, emergency departments and other settings. Some of these disciplines have developed relevant emergency checklists to improve the care they deliver, and your experience implementing the checklists in the operating room could provide valuable support to other areas and disciplines in your facility. Sharing and participating in this work with colleagues outside the operating room offers the opportunity not only to improve the care given elsewhere, but also creates an experience of multidisciplinary collaboration, strengthening the institution overall.

We encourage you to share the process and approach you’ve learned on this website, tell colleagues about your experiences in implementing the OR Emergency Checklist, and help them follow the outlined steps for their areas.

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